Walled garden

Installed in late 2014 this large walled garden was a collaboration between Verdigris and CARR Design Group. We provided our clients with a planting plan and worked closely with the architects on various details of the hard landscape. Plant selection was paired back, simple and structured, with massed plantings and carefully selected trees. The overall effect was a verdant hidden garden, generously proportioned and refined. The garden was photographed after only one year of growth. It is a great example of what can be achieved with good design, appropriate plant selection, detailed planning, as well as thorough soil work.

The project also involved the design and installation of a unique water feature. We selected a large piece of basalt which was then cut to reveal a smooth face, in contrast to the rough natural stone exterior. The exposed face was then recessed and leaving a narrow stone lip around the perimeter. The stone edge would house a shallow body of water for a still and reflective surface. The water would then be guided out and over the spillway on the cantilevered edge where it would then be caught and reticulated. Craned into its final position and supported by three concealed stainless steel legs, it is a peaceful point of focus upon entering to the garden. It provides a welcome, natural contrast to the clean lines of the building and the more structured garden design elements.

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